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Al Chiba Film Production Making Waves In The Middle East

Updated: Mar 23

Al Chiba Film production's recent production Exit 56 is sending ripples across the middle eastern production market, with coverage from Dubai Insider and Cinematic

Exit 56 is Al Chiba Films premier production and promises to be a stand out hit across the MENA region. Directed by Mohammed Elwan and starring local and regional Arab actors Mohammad Al Ibrahim, Nivin Madi, Abdullah Nizar, Ali Al Duyan and Osama Suleiman.

It was filmed in the UAE desert across multiple locations in Dubai, Sharjah and Ras Al Khaimah as well as the last authentic and traditional town in the UAE, AL Jazirah Al Hamra. Location manager Yossef Alzain says “ We chose these locations for multiple reasons, not only their natural beauty showcasing what the UAE has to offer, but their charm and mystery, many of the locations are stooped in mystery and speculation adding to the suspense of this action thriller.” Using local and regional specialists in their production, Al Chiba Film aims to show the world what the Middle East can do in the International film production industry.

Set in 2022 in Saudi Arabia, Exit 56 tells the story of four lifelong friends on a camping trip in the desert. An unfortunate yet thrilling series of events leads to an unexpected end to the camping trip that will keep viewers on their seats as they live the story through the eyes of the characters.

Speaking on the film director Mohammed Elwan comments "As this was my first production in UAE, I was amazed by the beauty of the UAE, the locations we used were inspiring and I think this is part of what will make this movie stand out from other movies produced in the GCC. Exit 56 is different from other Saudi movies because of its bold approach, combining traditional Arabic production with Western production techniques and styles. I am extremely proud of the end product and of the whole production team, my vision is for Exit 56 to be an international blockbuster so make sure watch it!"

Ali Alani, Managing Director of Al Chiba film promises many more releases to come, “Exit 56 is just the first in a series of 10 movies set in the Middle East, and we aim to take the Arab film industry to the world stage.”

Exit 56’s release date is yet to be confirmed however it is expected to be released in April 2022, one thing’s for sure though you don’t want to miss it.

Keep an eye on Al Chiba’s website and socials for updates on the release and the exciting releases to come.

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