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Updated: Apr 1

Why Is Streaming Such A Success?

Undoubtedly movie streaming has become an international trend, with consumers able to stream their favorite movies wherever they are. Netflix alone has more than 200 million subscribers with the movie streaming industry being worth in excess of 59 Billion Dollars, but why is it such a success?


Millennials are now becoming part of the spend and consume industry as they progress in the working world and have more disposable income. These tech and convenience hungry consumers drive the movie streaming industry, streaming sites target these consumers as they revive 80’s and 90’s invoking nostalgia while feeding their ever growing demand to be mobile and digital.


When browsing through any of the popular streaming sites you will be inundated with remakes and reboots of popular 80’s, 90’s and even 2000’s TV shows. Hits like Netflix’s Stranger Things and Sabrina were hugely successful smash hits as they appeal directly to the major target consumer , millennials.

But Why is Nostalgia So Successful?

The Human brain is a complex hard drive of data stored as memories. The problem with memories is that they are imperfect and cannot be called upon like a replay of a movie, rather they are invoked by ques in our everyday life. Recreating a movie or series from the consumer's childhood triggers that memory and the feelings associated with it, and in the case of many millennials it takes them back to a simpler, less stressful time. This inturn creates a positive relationship between the consumer and the brand, which only amplifies the success of the streaming platform.

Where does it go from here?

Docuseries are becoming an increasingly popular streaming content. Ripping headlines from the world media and transforming them into docuseries, streaming sites are able to capture the interest of their viewers. Real crime stories and feel good life events are communicated to the information digesting streamers in the form of entertainment and they are teleported into the realities of the world from the comfort of their sofas.

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